Monday, June 28, 2010


+ Brandon is busy being the blueberry farmer, managing the second week of harvest. U-pick is still going strong so please come on out and pick some big, juicy blueberries!

+ I am feeling so inspired by these awesome braided necklaces from the adorable and new-to-me blog Cakies. Seriously the best new blog I've found in ages. [Lovely Lin, is this the blog you recommended to me a while back? It seems familiar to me.] I am going to make some of these necklaces today to scratch the creative itch I have.

+ Madeline is currently hiking her little heart out for her 4th year overnight hike. I dropped her and her 25 pound pack off at the church this morning. My last words to her were "Don't be a whiner!" and of course, "I love you!"

+ Jocelyn needs to un-pack from basketball camp and re-pack for girls camp which she will leave for in the morning. We're currently working on some ditties for her ward to use! Stay tuned!

+ Ethan is recuperating from a horrible stomach flu he had while he was away with my amazing parents. Is there anything worse than being sick in a hotel without your mommy? I think not. My parents said he was a trooper though! I think they were troopers for taking three little grandkids with them. I will post some pictures of their trip later this week!

+Lily is crafting this week with the uber-inspiring Danyelle at her Craft Camp for Girls. Can't wait to see all the little treasures she comes home with.