Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer so far...

+ Brandon has been working, working, working on building this gorgeous water feature. It's pretty much done now, and it is a lovely addition to the front of our home. Plus it really shows off the awesome 40+ year old Japanese Maple that we love so much.

+ Pigs. We originally had 7 pigs, but they got very sick and one didn't make it [so sad] and so now there are 6. They are finally feeling much better and are starting to really put on the pounds. They don't look like little piglets anymore.

+ My brand new Crosley Turntable. I will listen to albums on this everyday. There is nothing quite like the crackle of a vinyl album. It sounds so warm and cozy. Totally reminds me of my youth when we would listen to my dad's albums. Ella Fitzgerald was meant to be listened to this way.

+ The wonderful thing about summertime in the country and living on a farm is how much freedom the kids have to roam and explore. We have a big pond over at the orchard full of thousands of tiny tadpoles. Ethan and Lily have been journeying back and forth from the big pond to our little pond to bring us tadpoles which should mean there will soon be frogs.

I love Summer!