Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Right now...

+ I'm finishing up lunch. Chicken Stir Fry, a recipe I adapted from the P90X program I'm following. I am realizing that food will be consuming my thoughts for a while, but in a good way. I'm more aware of every little thing I put in my mouth. Trying to be consistent and make the most of this program. The workouts are KICKING.MY.REAR [also in a good way!]

+ Madeline is finishing up a French lesson before she heads off to tennis, have I mentioned she's playing tennis? It's great because she does her work at home and then gets out of the house to be active and social. It's a good thing, and plus she made Varsity...as a freshman. Not too shabby, eh?

+ Brandon is in town picking up some nutrition supplements for my eating plan. He's probably stopping in at his favorite running store too.

+ I'm listening to Josh Ritter's "Change of Time." For like the bajillionth time because it's pretty much perfect.

+ I'm thinking about the lesson I will teach in Relief Society on Sunday. Prophets of God. I love teaching because it forces me to ponder and study more.

+ My neck is much better, but I need to make an appointment to see my brother for an adjustment to keep the pain in check!

+ Trying to figure out how our evening schedule/dinner will work because Lily has a softball game smack dab at dinner time. I'm going to need to summon my Supermom skills to pull this off smoothly today!

Hope your day is going well!