Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I love...

+ when people recommend music TO ME! Usually I'm the one doing the recommending, so I really love love love it when this happens. And last Friday, at the Tri-Cities Blogger Meet Up, Chelsea recommended this new album to me by Parlor Hawk. I hurried home and checked it out, and ordered the album. It arrived in the mail today, and it is wonderful. I'll do a full review tomorrow [+ a giveaway!] It won't be available on iTunes until mid June, but you can buy it here right now... or wait for my giveaway!

+ free desktop wallpaper. I have a file in my documents FULL of free wallpapers [177, to be exact] I've downloaded. My kids are always thrilled to see a new, well designed wallpaper up on our computer screen. Right now, these monthly calendars are my favorites.

+ all of the campaigning and voting that is happening on behalf of Lisa. I especially love the adorable way she campaigned for herself. She is the cutest. If you haven't voted yet, there are only two days left, so please vote! Go Lisa!

+ figuring out math. Math is hard for me, and Madeline and I have been struggling with some of the math she has been assigned lately [graphing linear equations + systems of inequalities = blah, blah, blah.] But today I decided to sit down on my own and try to figure it out. I drank my protein shake [for a brain boost], and gave it my best. And guess what? I figured it out, explained it to Madeline and she got 100% on the assignment. I was so pleased with myself.

+ my creative friends. Last week, I had the opportunity to participate with several amazing women from church in an evening titled "Reverencing Womanhood." It was a wonderful, testimony building experience. My friends Kristin, Lindsay + Danyelle all had a hand in the evening and created beautiful invites and handouts. Danyelle is offering a free download right here. Please check it out.

+ going to concerts. There are several upcoming concerts that I am interested in attending, but haven't bought tickets to all of them yet. I did, however, buy tickets to The Avett Brothers and am so excited to go with friends. It's not until July 20th, but I am already counting down the days.