Monday, March 1, 2010

March Mix.

Happy March.
Is it looking like Spring is on it's way where you live?
Out my window this morning, the sun is brightening up the earth,
and little signs of green are poking up here and there.
It's lovely. And so is this mix, so enjoy it!

Pay special attention to my favorite tracks from this playlist;

+ It Hasn't Been Long Enough - Eric Hutchinson
+ You Are the Moon - Tim Halperin
+ Sparklers - Rocky Votolato
+ California Stars - Billy Bragg + Wilco
+ In The Sun - She & Him
+ Holes - Melpo Mene
+ The Ladder - Andrew Belle
+ I Don't Know a Thing - Lucy Schwartz
+ Almost There - Justin King
+ Broken Headlights - Joey Ryan

*** Post edit: my very concerned cousin commented that I should fill my mixes all the way up. Rest assured, I do! Always! But I only listed my favorite 10 tracks... so here is the rest of the lineup to round out the 20-song mix...

+ Black Crow - Angus & Julia Stone
+ Lost and Found - Kim Taylor
+ Careless Love - Camera Obscura
+ The Audit - Simon Harper
+ Bright House - Seabear
+ Songbird - Katie Costello
+ I'd Rather Be With You - Joshua Radin
+ Song Sung Blue - T. Dekker/Great Lake Swimmers
+ True Believer - Matthew Barber
+ Pretty Things - Jay Nash, Matt Duke + Tony Lucca

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Good Luck!