Wednesday, March 31, 2010


+ from a little spring break trip to Seattle.
+ we dropped off Brandon in the mountains because he wanted to run home.
+ yes. he is certifiably insane.
+ we had a couple of fun days in Sea-town.
+ we ate too much.
+ we shopped and shopped.
+ we rode the ferry to Bainbridge Island, [my dream place to live.]
+ we watched a crazy hail storm from the hotel.
+ we drove through a snow storm.
+ we found a really great fabric store.
+ and bought enough fabric to make the girls a bunch of skirts.
+ I FINALLY got to watch The Young Victoria, and it was every bit as good [and better] as I had expected. I'll be in line to buy it on April 20th.
+ I listened to She & Him and Stars of Leo almost constantly.
Those two albums have stolen my heart.

+++ Now it's time to spring clean this home of ours!

+++ Also, stay tuned for the new April mix, debuting tomorrow!