Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Sweethearts. [Day 2]

Look at that blonde hair, and those blue eyes. Never in my wildest imaginations did I consider that I might have a blonde haired, blue eyed child. Genetics are a funny thing. But Jocelyn's beauty goes beyond her appearance. She is beautiful inside.

+ She has a quick wit.
+ She gives her very best in all she does.
+ She is driven and self-motivated.
+ She almost never has to be reminded to do her homework.
+ She makes us all laugh.
+ She naturally has the rosiest lips. [makes me jealous.]
+ She is working so hard to learn the game of basketball better.
+ She is on two teams. Both undefeated. She gives 100% of herself.
+ She has amazing self confidence and doesn't beat herself up.
+ She has set high standards for herself.
+ She is a good friend.
+ She is kind-hearted.

She has always been very independent and very much an individual.
And I love her for that.

She's my sweetheart.

** Photo taken by You Look Nice Today Photography.