Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Sweethearts. [Day 1]

Recently, Madeline asked me if I was going to post some great news about her on my blog. And I said of course. But first, I would like to post some of the reasons I love Madeline so much:

+ She has this way of making me laugh so hard.
+ She uses this hilarious voice when she talks about her bunny, Flop.
+ She can quote every line [with the character voices] from her favorite movie, UP.
+ She has such adorable freckles, don't you agree?
+ She is so generous. Always thinking of something nice to do for someone else.
+ She has a very keen fashion sense.
+ She knows what she likes to wear, and she knows what looks good on her.
+ She has beautiful brown eyes.
+ She taught me how to thread my sewing machine.
+ She loves music as much as I do.
+ She is fearless.

This journey of homeschooling has been really rewarding. It was really really tough the first couple of weeks though, and was taking it's toll on our relationship, but now, it is running so smoothly. We've got a routine established. We've figured out how to work together better, we understand each other more, and we are growing closer.

And the great news is, that she is excelling and feeling successful about her education for the first time since second grade. What a blessing that is.

The great news? Her first report card arrived last week
and it was four B's and an A.
We celebrated.
We went shopping...
and we went to Blockbuster where you can get
a free rental if you show a report card with a B average.
She rented a really scary movie. Fearless, I tell you.

I am so proud of her for working so hard,
and I love her.

She's my sweetheart.

** Photo from the amazing Ryan at You Look Nice Today Photography