Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kids Mix

Here's a sampling of some of the music we love to listen to. The kids each have some sort of mp3 player and each have their own playlists. This is a mish-mash of all four kids mixes combined.

There's some current top 40 hits on there, as well as some classic oldies. [ Lala doesn't have The Beatles, but we do, and there are a few Beatles hits in our mixes.]

Madeline's favorite: Shine On - Mathias Anderle [a really really great song!]
Jocelyn's favorite: Down - Jay Sean [she likes anything with a great beat.]
Ethan's favorite: Peacekeeper - Fleetwood Mac [he can't keep from giggling on the chorus.]
Lily's favorite: Anything by Taylor Swift - [she knows all the lyrics!]
My favorite: Fifteen by Taylor Swift - [That girl writes amazing songs.]

What do your kids L-O-V-E to listen to?