Monday, January 11, 2010

Thank You

As mothers, we all have bad days. Friday was up there for me. I spent most of the day in tears. Frustrated, angry, in pain. By that evening, I had a much better perspective on my situation, and my headache finally went away.

Thanks to:
  • wonderful friends who reached out to me with suggestions and a listening ear
  • a reader who has experience with homeschooling e-mailed me with suggestions and advice
  • beautiful music to soothe my soul
  • good communication with my husband
  • prayer
  • your wonderful comments.
I needed to hear everything you all had to say. I am so grateful to have blog readers who are so wise, and who make me laugh [KT your tupperware comment was hilarious.]

I wish I could send you all a mix! But there can only be one winner, so this month's mix goes to...

#16 - Mique. Thanks friend for your advice. I got in the car with a box of kleenex, put on this album and drove my frustrations and fear away. It helped so much. Your mix is in the mail and it is my way of saying thank you!