Monday, January 25, 2010

Right now...

  • I am really loving this cupcake pin cushion.
  • I am feeling like I don't have much to say, but I want to say "something."
  • I am thinking about the post Nie just wrote and how inspiring she is.
  • Brandon is packing for a blueberry convention in Portland.
  • Madeline is doing a World History lesson.
  • I am still a bit wet from a 2 mile walk in the rain.
  • I am hungry. Thinking about what to have for lunch.
  • I am thinking about Lily's powder-puff pinewood derby car and what we could do to make it fast and cute.
  • I am inspired by the stories that my cousin Matt has told on our family website about his experiences in Haiti. Simply amazing and heartbreaking.
  • I am wishing I could go on a girls only trip to somewhere fun.
  • I have nothing much to say.