Friday, January 29, 2010


I love the word "Powderpuff." It's so girly. And last night was the epitome of girly. Our church has a program for 8-11 year old girls called Achievement Days or Activity Days [they keep changing the name of it, I can't remember which is correct.] Last night they held a pinewood derby for girls, hence, "Powderpuff Pinewood Derby."

Lily and her dad built the car together. Brandon cut the wood, Lily sanded. Brandon painted, Lily painted. Lily chose a melon shade of pink and rhinestone letters to decorate. Glitter racing stripes and a pet shop driver ensured that this would NOT be mistaken as a boy's pinewood derby car.

The girls all cheered as their cars raced down the track and celebrated when their name advanced on the winners bracket. Lily's car took 2nd place, and she was thrilled!