Thursday, January 7, 2010

Etsy Love...

'Tis been a long long time since I've featured some Etsy favorites, and lately I've been in awe of some of the beautiful, amazing things people are creating...

[click to see larger]

1. I love ever-y-thing in the Wren Handmade shop, especially her crocheted necklaces, which she's currently sold out of :(
2. This year, I am determined to choose a favorite piece of Janet Hills artwork and buy it, but it's so hard to choose.
3. This bag, if it came into my possession, would become my favorite. for sure.
4. The cutest bunting-banner I've ever laid eyes on.
5. Every baby should have a pair of slippers from Wooly Baby. So precious.
6. B.Poetic. Maybe my new favorite shop. I love to just look at the pictures, so pretty, so feminine.
7. The happiest ceramics! I want some by Ninainvorm.
8-10. I'm a little smitten with decorative masking tape right now. Can you tell?
Lovely Simple Pattern tape
Black & White Stripes tape
Rainbow of masking tape