Friday, January 8, 2010

Bits & Pieces & A Giveaway

It's Friday, and although I am feeling much much better, I just can't get rid of this sinus headache. Just. Won't. Go. Away. So, in an attempt to feel great today, [your comments have a way of doing that for me] I'm going to do a giveaway today. January's mix will go to one commenter. But first, here are some bits & pieces in my [hurting] head right now...

  • On my "one little word" post, I added a picture of my word consistent. I simply traced letters onto covers/pages of Paper Source catalogs I've been saving and then cut them out and taped them up onto my bathroom mirror. They are big. They can't be missed. And I need that daily reminder. Plus Paper Source is my favorite store in the entire world and their catalogs are beautiful and seeing those letters makes me happy. Makes me smile.
  • Last night, my husband's 15 minutes of fame, stretched a bit more. He was featured on a local PBS news program about his Alaska Ultra-Marathon, and the program will air a couple more times on Sunday. If you are local and would like to tune in...
on local PBS channel KTNW-TV/31.1 (Charter Cable 10)
Sunday 1/10/10 @ noon, 7 pm, & 11:30 pm

  • My cousin Amy asked recently in comments about how our basement is doing. Thanks for asking Amy. Actually, we have decided to add a wall in our basement to make an additional bedroom, and so this is how it currently looks...
We figured now was the perfect time to add another bedroom so that Jocelyn can have her own space. Brandon is building it himself, which means that it will take a bit longer to get the entire project done, but it will be worth it in the end. Now that I think about it, maybe it's all the sawing and hammering that won't let my head rest!!!

  • Another big change that I haven't mentioned is that we took Madeline out of school in December and enrolled her in an online schooling program where she can work from home. Her focusing issues are much worse than I ever realized and I am feverishly trying to come up with a solution to help her focus better. Medication? maybe. Therapy? maybe. Right now, I have a lot of questions and am trying to find a good doctor who treats ADD/learning disabilities. Any suggestions?
Now, for the giveaway. Just comment once, tell me something that you are happy about today. Make me smile. [And please include your e-mail.] One person will win the January mix, which I've been listening to daily, and I love it! Comment before 9 am Monday, January 11th. The winner will be announced on Monday. Good luck!