Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The day before we left for vacation we threw Lily a birthday party. Believe it or not, it was her first ever "friends" birthday party. She shares her birthday week with three other cousins so we always focus on a big family birthday party, but with 8 being a very special year [she'll be baptized on Saturday] we planned a fun birthday bash. Lily loves shoes, so we ran with a shoe themed party and it was really fun.

The details:

The invites were so simple, just a picture transformed into a polaroid and then placed on cardstock with the party details inside. Super easy.

At the party I took a picture of each of the guests with Lily, including their shoes and we will make these into postcards and use them as thank you notes. Lily's friend Ryah gifted her matching converse, pretty cute.

The girls made felt shoe clips like the ones pictured in Lily's invites and they played a version of hot potato which we called "hot heels" as they passed around red shoes! The gift boxes were filled with gum balls and girly things like nail polish and lip gloss.