Thursday, December 10, 2009


I've got a hot date with my sewing machine and I am so excited. I've never used this machine before (I'm ashamed to say.) It was a gift from my husband two Christmases ago and I've yet to learn how to even thread the machine. But it will all change tomorrow.

Madeline has been using my machine for some time now, but somehow she lost the power cord. I've searched high and low for that cord and it. is. gone! Nowhere to be found. But I just ordered a new cord and it will be here tomorrow. And me and that machine are gonna make some magic happen.
(Dramatic? Nah!)

me + sewing machine + polka dot fabric + robin's egg blue paper = Christmas card magic

Wish Me Luck!

P.S. I am over-the-moon happy to be hearing music again on my blog!!