Thursday, December 3, 2009

Family Photos.

The day before Thanksgiving we had the opportunity to have some family photos taken. We hired Ryan Wilcox of You Look Nice Today Photography and it was a great experience for our family. Ryan and his gorgeous wife Tiffany were so laid back and easy to work with and although we haven't seen the results yet of that shoot, I am confident that we will be thrilled. Ryan is a "mostly film" photographer, and used color film for our shoot and I can NOT wait to see how they turn out. There is something so satisfying to me about hearing the film advance with the click of each shot and I love the warm, soft look of film photography.

If you are from the Portland, OR or Tri-Cities, WA areas and are looking for a photographer I highly recommend You Look Nice Today Photography. I've added Ryan's site to my sidebar, so go check it out. I'll be sure to share our photos when they become available.