Monday, November 2, 2009

November Mix

My top-10 faves from this mix:

1. Made for Glory - Landon Pigg. Obviously, this song inspired the mix and the lyrics just got me the moment I heard them.
2. Dying Day - Brandi Carlile. Another song that I've replayed over and over.
3. Spilt Milk - Kristina Train. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.
4. Beautiful Day - Miranda Lee Richards. This song is from the film "Adam." I am counting down the days to see this movie.
5. Satellites - Matthew Perrymore Jones. This song is my favorite release so far from Brite artist MPJ.
6. On the Stage - Kate Walsh. LOVE everything about this song.
7. Passenger - Daniel Ellsworth. Another Brite artist. I have been so pleased with my $4.99 a month membership to Brite Revolution because I've netted so many awesome tracks from so many incredible [lesser known] artists. Go check it out.
8. The Violet Hour - Sea Wolf. My favorite track from the New Moon soundtrack. It rocks.
9. Family Tree - Charlie Hardin. A Brite artist again, and such a great one too. I love this song.
10. Dreams-Come-True-Girl - Cass McCombs. "You're not my dream girl, you're not my reality girl, you're my dreams-come-true-girl." Such great lyrics.

Want to win this mix? Since it's November, comment once by Friday, Nov. 6th, 9am and tell me what you're grateful for. Winners will be announced Friday! Please don't forget to include your e-mail address.