Monday, November 30, 2009


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Brandon and I had a wonderful time in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, it was so nice to spend some quality time together and to know the kids were being taken care of here at home [thanks Mom & Dad.]

The highlights:

- watching the amazing sunsets over and over and over

- we stayed in an open air villa which was gorgeous and had amazing views

- the home included a chef who made us amazing meals

- fish tacos & ceviche [three times it was so good], best carne asada ever, lobster, flan [three times, hmmmm], suckling pig [don't judge me, it was delicious!]

- the infinity salt water pool

- going to church and understanding almost nothing

- learning how to haggle with the vendors

- the zip lines, wheeeeee!

- celebrating Brandon's 37th birthday at Le Kliff

- walking the Malecon

- geckos galore in the house

- Baskin Robbins [three times]

- going to the movies at a crazy awesome theater

- 2012 [awesome!] and Luna Nueva [a sold out crowd of screaming teenage Mexicans]

- tanning on the balcony, then jumping in the pool... repeatedly

- discovering the beautiful lush landscape of this tropical city

The lowlights:

- huge spiders... in my bedroom, yeah... not too cool

- getting seasick in the ocean

- gaining 5 pounds