Monday, October 26, 2009

"Oh, do anything to be happy" - Noah & the Whale

"this is a song for anyone
with a broken heart,

this is a song for anyone

who can't get out of bed,

oh, do anything to be happy.

oh, cause blue skies are coming

but I know that it's hard."


today's gratefuls:

- teenage daughters old enough to figure out their costume
- the song at the top of this playlist
- lovely lin's grateful list, which inspired me today
- my "be happy" banner
- the plan of happiness and the gift of repentance
- my reading-loving Lily who reads three chapter books a week
- dates with my husband
- annual pumpkin carving FHE motivating me to CLEAN
- Alma 32, especially verse 27
- this book for making that chapter more fully understood
- the gorgeous fall colors I see each time I drive home