Thursday, October 8, 2009

New This Week.

Give Up The Ghost - Brandi Carlile. Still trying to absorb the amazingness of this album.
If you are a fan of her at all, this is a must buy.
My favorite track so far: Dying Day. I la-la-la-love that song.

The Cricket's Orchestra - Meaghan Smith. This is a brand new to me artist, but it looks like she's been around for a while. I utterly adore the sound on her's a little hard to pin down on the genre though. It's quirky, old fashioned sounding, adorable music. And I like it a lot.

Go Easy Little Doves - Brooke Waggoner. The combination of piano and strings and her voice . It's magic. And it's different than most music on the market today. She has a uniqeness that I love. This album has a very cinematic sound, so interesting. I've been anticipating this new release from Brooke and I am excited to delve into it. So far, I love every track and haven't picked a favorite yet.