Thursday, October 22, 2009


My creative mojo, which was at one time thriving, has been on the decline for months. And I've missed it. But, after adding a few creative inspirations back to my blogroll, I can happily report that I have found my desire to create again.

This picture via Darling Dexter sparked something in me and inspired my November playlist artwork, to be revealed later... like... in November.

And then, last week, my sister in law called me and told me to check out these paper witch shoes and invited me to make some with her. So last Friday, after a long hiatus from the craft store, I returned and purchased the goods and we crafted all evening long, cutting and folding and manipulating paper products into adorable witch shoes, to be filled with candy for friends. I could feel my mojo seeping back in.

Sadly, Ethan's very best friend is moving about 3 hours away. Today will be their last play date and so in an attempt to ease the heartbreak I quickly whipped up a gift for each of them. A framed picture of them together and a keepsake card with their addresses, phone numbers, e-mail address and a reminder to "make new friends, but keep the old."

It was an easy-peasy project and felt so good to see the smile on their faces and the assurance that everything will be okay.

I've determined that creativity is essential to my sanity, and this talk is proof. I've also decided that a new camera would greatly boost my creative desire... I am growing tired of blurry closeups.

Santa baby, a new camera?? Please?