Friday, October 16, 2009

Mid October Favorites

[ this necklace to go with these earrings I bought. love love love.]

+ purple, plum, deep violet.
it's my color this fall.
I bought this coat and these shoes, and I love them both.

+ pumpkin desserts.
it wouldn't be autumn without pumpkin.
I made this last night and it is yummy...and easy.
Find it here.

+ Made for Glory.
a little obsessed with this song.
"Like a thistle on a tree,
like the sparkle on the sea,
you were made for glory."

+ cold, foggy, rainy days.
I know I'm strange, but I love those kind of days.
days where I just want to stay in and watch movies.
movies like "Far and Away" and "You've Got Mail."

What are your October favorites?