Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For Inspiration.

Over these [almost] three years that I've been blogging, I've gone back and forth on what kinds of blogs I love to read. Several months ago, I removed almost all of the "pretty" blogs from my google reader because sometimes it can get overwhelming when the number of new posts is hovering around 364. Those kinds of bloggers post a lot of pretty. And sometimes it's just too much.

But lately, I've been missing the inspiration, the beauty. So last week I set out to find some "pretty" blogs to start reading. Here's what I found:

You Are My Fave
Oh, Hello Friend
Wren Handmade
Darling Dexter
Janet Hill Studio
and her blog
Simple Blueprint
Creature Comforts

Whether it's beautiful photography or interior design or fashion or paper, or the beautiful paintings of Janet Hill [I'd give my left arm to paint like her], I've concluded that I need this kind of inspiring beauty in my life.

My creative funk is gone, gone, gone... and I'll show you tomorrow what I've been up to.