Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crazy Love.

*** It's 10:45 pm on October 8th and I am giddy because iTunes thinks it's October 9th and Michael's new album is already available. Here's my track by track review upon first listen.

1. Cry Me a River. Oh. My. Goodness. Just WOW! I can NOT wait to see this performed live.
2. All of Me. This is the epitome of what Michael does best. He takes a song we all know so well and have heard so many times and he breathes freshness into it and it is lovely.
3. Georgia on My Mind. I've been really anxious to hear his version of Georgia because I love this song so much. It's perfect.
4. Crazy Love. Each song flows so well into the next one on this album and this one just works.
5. Haven't Met You Yet. This is the first of the two original songs that Michael co-wrote. Honestly, it took me several listens to really really love this song, but now, it plays so much at our house because all 4 of my kids love it too.
6. All I Do Is Dream of You. Such a fun song, and he sounds amazing.
7. Hold On. The second original song, and this one is just gorgeous. He really does have some pretty impressive song writing skills.
8. Heartache Tonight. When I saw the track list, this is the song I was most nervous about...I just couldn't imagine how he would make it his own. He certainly made it his own, but it's not my favorite... maybe it will grow on me over time. Maybe not.
9. You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You. Being a major Dean Martin fan, I was curious to see if he could rise to the challenge on this song. He really went a different direction than the original, which was wise, and this song might just be my favorite from the entire album. It's so awesome.
10. Baby (You've Got What it Takes). I love the sound on this track, so retro and fun.
11. At This Moment. I simply adore the Billy Vera original of this song, and always thought that this song would fit Michael's voice and style... well... I was right. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, it's a good one and I don't ever want to stop listening.
12. Stardust. All the greats have sung this song, and now Michael proves he deserves his spot at "the big table."
13. Whatever It Takes. This is the bonus track available on iTunes and it is a duet with Ron Sexsmith and it has a nice bossa nova feel to it, and is a great way to end the album. ** When you buy the album on iTunes you also get some extra tracks and a video.

Michael will be on Oprah today [Friday] and the Today show on Tuesday, be sure to tune in and be sure to tell me what YOU think of the album.