Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Before I forget...

Tonight we take our last three pigs up to Connell for round two of fair week. This will be our first time at the Connell fair and I've heard good things about it. But let me rewind and tell you about a funny thing that happened at the Benton-Franklin fair.

So, it was showmanship day and Ethan was in the ring, struggling just a bit to show his pig. It is his first year after all, and he's only 10 and he only weighs about 60 pounds, while his pig weighed in at a whopping 251 pounds. So he struggled a bit. And the judge noticed, so to put poor Ethan out of his misery he began to let Ethan remove his pig from the ring and be done, but before he excused him he asked Ethan if he had ever seen Secondhand Lions. Ethan, was confused by the question. So the judge asked him again, and Ethan replied no. The judge then went on to tell him that he should see the movie because the lead character looked just like him.

I laughed out loud. Because we get this all the time. ALL.THE.TIME! In fact, several people [strangers] had already told us that throughout the week. And ever since he was about five years old, people would stop us at the store and tell us he looked like the kid from the sixth sense.

Apparently we have a celebrity look alike living in our midst...

[ I labeled the pictures, just in case, you know, it was hard to tell who was who!]