Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Be Happy.

I loved loved loved all of your comments on yesterday's post. I too believe that happiness is a choice, and that even though trials and sadness and frustration and anger WILL come into each of our lives, we can overcome them with happiness.

And I firmly believe that daily happiness can be found in gratitude [because we have SO much] and in serving others. When we fill our hearts with gratitude for what we have been blessed with, there isn't as much room in our hearts for sadness and anger. And when we reach out to help someone else, our own pain and trials seem less significant.

I witnessed this recently with my dear mother, who has been struggling with serious health issues for quite some time. I spoke to her one morning a few weeks ago on what seemed to be one of the hardest days she'd ever had and she was in deep despair. I was intensely worried about her, and was trying to brainstorm some ways to help. Later that day, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and I ran into my mom, at the store. She was weak and frail, but she had a smile on her face, because she was there helping someone else in need do their shopping. This woman had needed a ride to the store, and she needed a friend, and someone to listen to her.

I was confused. My mom was so sick and having one of the hardest days ever, but there she was serving someone else who was in need. She called me later that night and told me that seeing the trials that this woman was facing made her own struggles pale in comparison. And then I wasn't confused anymore. I remembered that I have learned this lesson before, and that my Heavenly Father is constantly reminding me...

Be Grateful. Serve Others. Be Happy.

*** Please read this post from my cousin Lisa, she knows of what she speaks.