Tuesday, August 11, 2009


  • I am loving this photo from Eliza Magazine's Spring issue. LOVE it, I tell you.
  • I love this, this and this post. Awesome women that I just love to hear tell their stories.
  • I am going to pull weeds for a couple of hours with my kids...hoping it goes better than yesterday's weed pulling session [details later.]
  • I am going to take my children to visit their great-grandmother who recently had surgery.
  • We'll take her some flowers from our yard.
  • I need to deliver/ship some CD's.
  • I need to pick up some papers to send Madeline to a different high school than the one we thought she would attend...[details later.]
  • I need to go get a chiropractic adjustment from my brother.
  • I need to make a few family reunion phone calls...only two more days...YEAH!
  • I am going to have a better day than yesterday!!! [details later]