Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thinking about:

+ these purple lacy earrings that make me wish for fall
+ the school shopping we need to finish
+ the progress we have made on our weed filled yard
+ how long it will take us to pull the rest of the weeds
+ fair next week...and what we have left to do with our pigs
+ the dishes and laundry I need to conquer today
+ this song that I am totally loving right now
+ the Pasco High reg. form I need to turn in for Madeline
+ how strange it is to picture her going to my old school
+ sweet Lin who made me a mix with this AMAZING song
+ Thank you Lindsay!
+ amazing posts like this one and this one and this one
+ the sadness that I felt last year at this exact time
+ and the way faith, hope, and time can heal wounds
+ how happy I am that SYTYCD will be back in a short time
+ how much I love a clean garage
+ and the husband that cleaned it...even mopped it!
+ the bills I need to pay
+ this talk which I am giving a lesson on this Sunday

There's a little peek into my head today...
can I peek into yours?