Thursday, August 6, 2009

Full Heart

I woke up today with my heart overflowing. I am grateful for so much:

  • Grateful that Madeline is having such a wonderful time at EFY that she hasn't even had time to call home. [I called her though, and she is having a blast, and didn't have much time to chat with her mother.] I am grateful for that.
  • My heart is so full to have had some time last night to sit down and chat with my parents. my life has been so busy lately, I haven't seen them much. I needed that.
  • We are in the last stages of planning our upcoming Mathews Family Reunion, which will be next week, and I am so grateful to belong to the most amazing family. Every time I get an RSVP from one of them, I start to feel giddy about how fun it will be to see everyone. Right now, the count, including babies = 173 family members will be attending. I. Can't. Wait!
  • Lately, as I more fully realize the financial turmoil that this world is in, I am so grateful that my husband has a job and that we have all that we need and want. Really grateful.
  • So grateful to belong to a religion that knows exactly what it's members need to hear. This month's presidency message spoke to my heart.

What are you grateful for today?