Thursday, July 2, 2009


People, if you are not tuning into FOX on Wednesday and Thursday nights...WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? And people...have you not noticed that there will be back to back seasons of SYTYCD? Another season in the fall? I mean, really, this is exciting stuff. And so far this season, I am waaayyyy impressed.

When they revealed the top 20 I was thinking..."What?" These are not the 20 I would have picked, but I would have been wrong. Because, with only 2 exceptions [Asuka & Caitlin], I love the entire cast. Once Caitlin is gone, I will mourn each one's departure, yes I will. [ummm, that was my inner Mary Murphy speaking]

But last night. Last night, this dance tickled my heart...I loved it...especially the quickie wardrobe change. I never thought a quick step would thrill me so much...


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