Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July Mix / Giveaway

This month's mix is full of fun songs, the kind that you blast in your car and sing loudly least, that's what we do!

My Top Ten from this month's mix:

1. Fools - Diane Birch. I dare you NOT to sing along.
2. Pocket Philosopher - Mandy Moore. So fun to sing along with, especially the chorus: "Hey, come on, let's play a song or 2 or 3 or 4, or 5, a few, or more."
3. The Good Stuff - Schuyler Fisk.
4. Nothing At All - Madi Diaz.
5. Radio Radio - Brooke White. My girls and I love this song, we blast it.
6. Sea of Tears - Eilen Jewell. I love the retro-bluesy-rock feel to this song.
7. Nobody - Kate Earl. Can't help but groove to this one.
8. Hold On - Zack Hexum.
9. No One Does It Like You - Department of Eagles.
10. Birds Fly Away - Theresa Andersson.

Five commenters will win a copy of this mix. Anyone can comment once. Just do it before Friday, July 3rd, 9AM. **Please provide your e-mail address!!

Good luck!