Tuesday, July 14, 2009

High Hopes & Heartbreak

It's July 14th, and I've been anxiously awaiting the release of Brooke White's new album and finally, today, it is here. And, I love it.

I can't help listening to this album, reading the liner notes and the lyrics and feeling like it just might be the most sincere and genuine album on the market today. Especially when I listen to the last track, Be Careful, where she gently and beautifully reminds her husband that even when they are apart that she still belongs to him. I love the honesty and devotion in those lyrics because we all can imagine how hard it would be to have gone through the American Idol process and then to become an instant celebrity.

I love the way she writes about staying connected to her roots and home and the melodies lend themselves to easy sing along songs. I can already tell that this is an album that will be on constant rotation on my iPod.

And the album art is great. Either buy this on iTunes with the digital booklet, or buy it in hard copy so you can see the scrapbook style liner notes she created. It's plain to see she put her heart and soul into this album, and I really appreciate that.

Available on iTunes for $7.99. Extra bonus: the video for Radio Radio is available for free this week.