Tuesday, July 28, 2009

at 11:46pm:

  • i am listening to an album called "A Little Happiness" by Aimee Allen...and it surely is "happy" music. Check her out, she has a very Gwen Stefani [the no doubt years] sound, it's got a casual reggae feel and very breezy, great summer music and I love it.
  • i am grateful that the power came back on...which means that the air conditioning is back on...thank goodness.
  • i am thrilled to be feeling a tiny bit better after some kind of stomach bug attacked me last night. thrilled.
  • i am flattered by the shout out from Mormon Mommy Blogs... thank you, I hardly feel worthy, but I guess I am a mormon, I am a mommy, and I do blog, so thank you!
  • i am pleased that my children found little projects to keep them busy today as I lay in bed ALL. DAY. LONG! They made giant colorful posters just for fun, and they even got out the embroidery thread and stitched away using templates we found here. And don't think for a minute that boys wouldn't want to participate...Ethan loved it.
  • i am thinking about this awesome pandora station I created which features bossa nova music, because I really love me some bossa nova, wanna listen? [you'll need a free pandora account] it makes for really great night time-snuggle with your hubby music.
  • i am off to bed to snuggle my hubby.