Tuesday, June 2, 2009

restless to begin, a wave comes crashing in

This morning Madeline arose early to get ready for her 8th grade day trip and as we drove down to pick her up some snacks and head to the school, we were listening to Mandy Moore's new album. Track #1 is a really great song that I just can't stop listening to. It is called "Merrimack River" and it is beautiful, melodically and lyrically. It starts like this...

"Restless to begin, a wave comes crashing in"

...and I couldn't help thinking that the song was about us...she's restless to begin this new exciting stage of her life [high school, dances, being grown up], and I feel like a wave is crashing in as she is growing up so fast and time is running out on us. In just a few short years, she'll be leaving this little nest and stretching her wings.

The beautiful chorus then says...

"Don't say you're not amazed when you know you are,
and don't say you're not afraid when you know you are."

And amazed and afraid is exactly what I am.