Monday, June 22, 2009

the 411 on Brandon and blueberries

Brandon's race results:

Apparently, I am justified in my worrying about startling wild animals while running through the mountains. The winner of the race was kicked by a moose after coming upon a defensive new-mother-moose. He was okay, but another runner had to be airlifted from the course. We aren't sure why, but of course, my worry-wart brain thinks he/she was probably mauled by a bear or something dangerous like that. Obviously, ultra-running is a dangerous sport.

Brandon fared better than those runners, he finished without too much injury or damage. He finished the 100 miler Saturday evening with a time of 32 hours 39 minutes and 55 seconds. He fell [on his head] once and has a few scrapes and scratches on the side of his face and ear, and this morning he showed me a nasty scrape on his shoulder. This race was, in his words, "like running in a big mud puddle" and after mile 10 his feet were wet the entire race. He said he had to cross streams about 21 times and by mile 70 his feet were so raw that running was too painful. He walked the last 30 miles. He says his feet feel like they've been hacked with a paddle for 32 hours. Needless to say, he's hobbling a bit today, but he's back to work anyways, and we're proud of him!


This morning we start picking blueberries and also are offering a U-pick this year. My children will NOT be picking this year, so if you want to buy organic blueberries directly from our farm, you have a few options. You can come out to the farm and pick berries yourself for $3 a pound, or come out and buy berries we've picked for $4 a pound. We also will be selling berries at the Pasco Farmers market if you want to look for us there.

Blue Mountain Farms is located at 1052 Lake Rd. in Burbank. To get here from Pasco, head towards Walla Walla on Highway 12 and after crossing the Snake River Bridge, turn left onto Highway 124. Go about a 1/2 mile and you will see our packing shed on the corner of Lake Road. Turn left on Lake Rd, and park in the parking lot near the blue office. U-pick times are from 6am-Noon, Monday-Saturday. We will provide picking buckets and a bag to send your berries home in, but you may prefer to bring a container to transport your berries home.

Please remember that eating berries while you pick is not allowed, so small children may have a hard time obeying the rules :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me [lomaril at aol dot com]