Thursday, May 7, 2009

What I Know

Today I turn 33 years old. I have a lot of learning left to do in this life, but here's 33 things I'm sure of...

  1. Being a wife and mother are the most rewarding jobs on the planet.
  2. When your refrigerator/freezer go out, things get stinky. (ours went out yesterday, boo!)
  3. A clean house makes me happy, a messy house makes me grumpy.
  4. Watching your children go through trials is really hard.
  5. Having awesome parents that are mega-awesome grandparents is the coolest.
  6. Eating Nibs ( the licorice candy) while driving helps keep you awake when you get sleepy.
  7. Waiting 20 more days to get your braces off feels like slow torture.
  8. Family is EVERYTHING.
  9. Going to the temple makes for the best date night ever.
  10. Laundry and dishes are the never-ending bane of my existence.
  11. Doing kind deeds for others is the key to happiness.
  12. No Doubt is such a cool band. (Did you see them on the Today show and AI? cool/weird huh? They're my
  13. Trying new things is liberating.
  14. Contention isn't worth the trouble.
  15. Good friends are a priceless treasure.
  16. Cooking for picky people isn't that fun.
  17. Whining is not attractive.
  18. Smiling is the best.
  19. Great music is a gift.
  20. Handmade is beautiful.
  21. There are a LOT of really kind people in the world.
  22. Travel is a great thing to spend money on.
  23. Being silly with my children is the funnest.
  24. If you nag about every little thing, kids stop listening.
  25. Pick your battles.
  26. Dental work is expensive.
  27. Extreme Home Makeover and The Biggest Loser always make me cry.
  28. God's words never cease, I KNOW this.
  29. Hollywood doesn't offer very good role models.
  30. We are so blessed to live in this country.
  31. It's important to stand up for what you believe.
  32. I am a child of God and He loves me.
  33. Turning one year older means one year wiser, right? It's not that terrible.