Friday, May 29, 2009

friday's happy list

1. kissing my children's cheeks...each time I'm amazed at how soft they are
2. songs serenaded with a ukulele [my happy music]
3. reuben sandwiches with lots of sauerkraut and extra dressing
4. chopped & SYTYCD [I seriously have a silly grin on my face as I watch them]
5. concerts and that feeling of anticipation right before the music starts
6. the smell after it rains
7. Brandon's smooth face after he's just shaved
8. texts from my texts me to tell me of bands I need to check out and the other just wants to make me them both
9. 103 degree summer days by the pool
10. finding really great new music [it feels like hitting the jackpot]

* inspired by this post

** what does your happy list look like?

*** image via flickr by Jan Herbert