Friday, May 15, 2009

Documenting the Kids: May 2009

Madeline, 13 years:
- obsessed with anything orange
- seriously looking like a woman, not a little girl
anymore for sure
- taller than grandma shirley, same shoe size as me
- ready to move on from middle school and into high school
- a marked improvement on grades this 4th quarter, keep up the hard work!
- excited about EFY this summer and turning 14
- you have the crazy ability to make me frustrated and laughing hysterically all at once

Jocelyn, 12 years:
- such an athlete: volleyball, basketball, softball...
you do it all well
- so witty, we are often surprised with the things
you come up with
- i love the way you want to please me, you try so hard
- friends with everyone
- you crack us up sometimes and you're very fun to be around
- you look cute in an everyday ponytail, and gorgeous when you dress up
- obedience is your strength...when you're not
in that sassy mood!

Ethan, 10 years:
- a very hard worker. i ask, you do.
- you are making huge strides on your school work.
- you go out and check the pigs everyday after school
- would live on ramen noodles and cereal if we would let you
- you are struggling with seeing your friends make bad choices
- your smile melts my heart
- tucking you in at night is on my favorites list

Lily, 7 years:
- your front teeth are finally coming in
- cleaning your room is your Mt. Everest
- reading everything you can get your hands on
- desperately want to trade your black converse for another color...maybe pink?
- new clothes/shoes are the way to your heart
- you can't decide whether to grow your hair out
or cut it short
- still love snuggling on the couch

* inspired by this post