Wednesday, May 27, 2009


5 reasons why I love this charming family of mine today:

- today when I made Brandon an egg sandwich he told me that the toast scratched his throat and that I must have toasted it too long. It made me laugh...because toast is naturally...scratchy, right? He is so funny, and charming.

- when I went through the camera today, I found this picture of Lily's toes which she recently painted herself, and then snapped a picture of her purple and white paint job...charming.

- today when Ethan came in from school, I had music playing of course, and he told me he wanted to listen to "that one song that is my favorite and goes uh-uh-uh-uh-uhhh." I, being his mother, knew exactly which song he was speaking was this one...and then we rocked out together to a little Fleetwood Mac. That Ethan knows how to charm his mother.

- Madeline and I are both madly in love with the band, Barcelona, and we both hope to catch them in concert sometime in the future... I love it when we can both agree on what to listen to in the car.

- Jocelyn got emotional as she was faced with a dilemma...go to her softball practice or visit with a friend who will be in town only for a short time. Her big heart charms me.