Friday, April 17, 2009

Modest Swimsuit Directory

**Update: this post has received overwhelming support, but unfortunately, some of the links here are dead. I've posted a NEW UPDATED SWIMSUIT DIRECTORY here. Thanks for visiting!

Some great resources for modest swimsuits...

[ click on picture to view better ]

1. Layers Clothing - 12 different styles, great patterns, all modest.
2. Rey Swimwear - my favorite site so far. Young, hip, very very cool!
3. Shade Clothing- some basic styles available in different colors and patterns.
4. ModBod - they only have 4 suits to choose from, but it's one more option.
5. Lime Ricki - a very adorable line of swimsuits, my daughters will instantly be attracted to their girly styles.
6. Swim Outlet - the site I posted about last year, they have some great prices. This suit in particular is only $19.95.
7. Hapari - a generous collection of super cute tankinis.
8. Modbe - A great selection of cute, cute suits. My favorite is the "flounce" suit.
9. DownEast Basics - another great source for reasonably priced suits.