Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good Things

Earlier this week, I was shopping at Target and noticed they had some little girls shorts on sale for a good price, so I headed over to take a look at them. At the same time, another mother joined me there to check them out. She picked up a pair and realized what I was seeing as well...daisy duke style shorts for little girls. She commented that they were too short, and I told her that I agreed. I commented that I don't want to see my 7 year old daughter in a pair of daisy dukes, and frankly, I don't want to see anyone's daughter in daisy dukes.

This is something that I struggle with on a regular basis, trying to find modest clothing for my daughters. No problem finding modest clothes for my son...the only thing I have to be on the lookout with him is skulls...I'm not a fan of skulls. But go try to find a modest one piece swimsuit, or a modest dress with sleeves that isn't going to show their backsides when they bend over. I'm fed up!

So when I saw this awesome magazine, Eliza, and a call to support them (with a giveaway) in a struggling economy, I headed over to purchase a subscription. $15 to support a modest conscious fashion magazine? You bet! And I can't wait to get my first issue. Read about how Eliza got it's start.

+++ One other big plus, besides showcasing modest fashion, the magazine is committed to staying away from those trashy, smutty articles that fashion magazines typically plaster on their front covers. A big plus!

I'm not sure what else we can do to convince designers that we want more modest fashions, but this is one little thing that I felt compelled to support and share.