Friday, March 13, 2009


  • Do you ever get completely overwhelmed with the amount of posts to be read in your google reader? I do, on a regular basis. So I just mark them all read, and take a deep breath. But a little (compulsive) part of me always wonders what I am missing by not reading them.
  • Do you have your blog comments e-mailed to you? I started that a few months ago (thanks Danyelle for the tip) and it is a lifesaver. But I am wondering why some people's comments don't show up with their e-mail address and some do...does that make sense?
  • Don't you feel like this winter is just dragging on and on? Yesterday was a lovely sunny day, but it was soooo cold. I'm ready for the warm.
  • Aren't you glad it's Friday? I hope you have a happy weekend!