Friday, March 6, 2009


{ Something pretty for today: I love this photograph so much, I want to buy it and put it somewhere in my home where I would see it everyday. Check out all of GirlHula's pretty pretty photographs. }

Outside my window...

it is a gloriously sunny morning, which is a welcome thing after the crazy, weird weather we've had this week. Twice this week it hailed, and it poured rain much of the week. I can't wait to go for a run-in-the-sun today.

I am thinking...
about this journey I am on to get healthy. I've been doing weight watchers for one entire week now and I've lost 4 pounds. I am eating so wholesome and healthy and not feeling hungry at all. So far, I am loving this program.

I am thankful for...
my husband. I know that I talk a lot about him but he really is my very best friend, my rock, my shoulder to lean on, my biggest fan, and I love him so much, and am so very grateful to be his eternal companion.

I am creating...
a CD for Noelle! Yipee! The #3 comment was picked by and that was Noelle!

I am going...
  • to get an adjustment from Marshall
  • to Lily's last basketball games this weekend
  • to take the kids to see The Velveteen Rabbit
  • to do some birthday shopping for Ethan
  • to the post office
  • grocery shopping

I am hoping...
that Matt Giraud really rocks American Idol this year. He is my favorite contestant so far...I LOVED his performance last night and hope he makes it far in the competition.

I am hearing...
cartoons on the television, oh...and Lily is crying. She got hurt playing basketball outside with Ethan. No school today in our district.

One of my favorite things...
my favorite perfume is Euphoria by Calvin Klein. The yummiest smelling perfume I've ever worn.

I must remember...
Ethan's birthday is this next week and so he made a list of things he would like to get for his birthday. It is rather long but a few of the items on the list made Brandon and me chuckle.
  • poster of a basketball player
  • a wall mount of geese (taxidermy)
  • a good filleting knife (for fishing)
  • a big bag of hot cheetos
  • time to spend with family at Chuck E Cheese
There were a few other typical 10 year old boy requests, like legos, the wimpy kid series of books, a nerf gun, and so on...but those ones just seemed to capture the essence of Ethan.

***Journaling prompt ideas from The Simple Woman's Daybook