Thursday, February 5, 2009


(Brandon RUNNING up Badger Mountain with his 35 pound pack)

Last year I lost 25 pounds. It was the fruit of hard work, determination and consistency. Over the last few months, I've gained back a few pounds...the fruit of excuses and inconsistency. (The holidays and freezing cold weather didn't help, but those are just more excuses.)

Yesterday was a sunny day and I couldn't resist getting this body of mine back out into the brisk, fresh air to soak in some of those rays and get my feet moving. It was like starting all over again, and I was kicking myself for the past few months of inconsistency.

A while back I deleted my other (weight loss) blog because I was just tired of feeling the nagging need to post something there. But I really need some motivation to get myself out the door each day. So I'm just going to commit myself here on this blog. My plan is to write more about my efforts (and hopefully not the lack of.) Maybe it will be just a little tag line at the bottom of a post or something, but I need some way to make myself accountable...and I need a little encouragement.

If anyone has a built in inspiration source, it's me. My amazing husband is up before the crack of dawn every single day and he's out the door running before I even open my eyes. Right now he's preparing for the biggest race of his life thus far. Next week I will drive him up to Seattle to catch a flight to Alaska where he will run another 100 miler. This time, it will be running in the snow, pulling a sled full of the gear he needs (food, water, emergency gear, etc.) Temperatures could range anywhere from 20 degrees to -20 degrees. He hopes to finish the race in 24-30 hours (remember, that is without sleeping) and we all think he's completely crazy.

But he is undoubtedly the most determined, persevering and inspiring guy I've ever met. He is my built in motivation. If he can push himself to do something like this, surely I can get my rear out to do a 30-40 minute run a few times a week. Right?