Monday, February 2, 2009

New Month, New Music

Music is my hobby. One of my favorite things is to find brand new music to fall in love with and create a new playlist each month. I really love this month's playlist. I have been tweaking it for a couple of weeks and now I have it exactly how I like it. Each song a gem.

Track by track:

1. Oh No - Andrew Bird. This song puts a smile on my face, but then I quickly remove it so I can whistle along with Andrew. Everyone knows you can't smile and whistle at the same time.

2. Wish You Well - Katie Herzig. The playlists namesake. The song I don't grow tired of, the song that just makes my heart swell. Listen to the lyrics...beautiful isn't it?

3. Hold Me Now - Renee Olstead. One of my favorite tracks from Renee's new album.

4. Right Now & Right Here - Keren Ann. Listen to this song all the way through. It has beautiful orchestration and a children's chorus. Beautiful.

5. The Sun - Melpo Mene. I love the Spanish influence in this song. Catchy catchy.

6. Brand New Day - Tim Myers feat. Lindsey Ray. The Target song. Love it.

7. Hold Heart - Emiliana Torrini. My most recent purchase. Downloaded this album this weekend and fell in immediate love with this song.

8. I'm Scared - Duffy. I saw "Bride Wars" a few weeks ago, and this song captured my heart. Been listening to it ever since.

9. Dream - Priscilla Ahn. This song was in "Bride Wars" as well, that movie has a great soundtrack.

10. Paint or Pollen - Blind Pilot. A great song to sing along with.

11. You Are the Only One I Love - Jaymay. I adore this song. For a couple of reasons. It seems like it's recorded in a coffee shop or something, there are people chatting in the background and then they join in the chorus at the end. I also learned how to correctly pronounce the artists name. I always thought that Jaymay was pronounced like it looks. Now I know better.

12. Nicest Thing - Kate Nash. If I didn't know this was Kate Nash singing I would guess it was Adele. Both ladies have that thick British accent that I love.

13. Get Better - Mates of State. This is just a really great song with a really great beat.

14. Energy Spent - Liam Finn. I have loved this song for over a year, but have never used it in a playlist, until now. Great lyrics, "I'm not broken, just energy spent."

15. Breathless - Corinne Bailey Rae. Love this song, love this artist, love her entire album. I am really hoping she comes out with new music this year. She suffered a tragic loss last year, and I hope she comes back stronger than ever. Please Corinne, come back.

16. Light On - Joey Ryan. This song comes from the Bella soundtrack. A really hard to find track. But worth the search.

17. A Beautiful World - Tim Myers. I rarely put two songs from one artist on a playlist, but this song deserves to be here simply because it's happy music.

18. Yes, So On and So On - Thao. I've read a lot of great things about Thao Nguyen, so I bought the album, and this song really stuck out to me. I've got a lot more listening to do with this album, I suspect there are more hidden treasures in it.

19. Don't Let Me Fall - Lenka. This album remains on high rotation, and a new song emerges as a new favorite every time I listen to it.

20. In Bloom - Tristan Prettyman. Such a moody and beautiful song. Love the violin and piano combination. Gorgeous.

21. The Blower's Daughter - Amy Kuney. A wonderful cover of an amazing song. I've always loved Damien Rice's hit song, but when I heard Amy's version, I knew I had to include it on this months mix.

Enjoy the music!