Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A few things the Herald didn't mention...

  • Brandon not only had flowers delivered to me, but he also had flowers delivered to Madeline and Jocelyn at school on Friday, from a secret admirer. He already had my heart, but that melted it.
  • There were 33 runners who started the race, and 19 who finished the race. 14 men and 5 women. Impressive.
  • The fastest finishing time was 27 hours and 25 minutes, and the last person to cross the finish line came in at 47 hours and 28 minutes.
  • There were areas on the course that were called the Dismal Swamp and the Wall of Death. Sounds scary, huh?
  • Some runners get so tired that they start to fall asleep as they run...Brandon told us about one runner who was weaving back and forth in front of him, once he approached her she said she was having a hard time staying awake...WHILE RUNNING. (Blows my mind.)
  • Some runners decide to bivy, which means that they pull off the side of the trail and get into a cocoon like sleeping system to catch a little shut eye, and then head back onto the trail. Brandon said that he is fortunate to do pretty well at night, he doesn't get too sleepy as long as he keeps moving.
  • Those who decide not to finish the race have to either walk themselves back out, or pay up to $250 to be airlifted or snow machined off the trail. That fact blew me away.

Excitement filled our home last night as we welcomed Brandon home. We had homemade pizza, brownies and ice cream and we watched the video footage he captured. (I'll post some once I get it uploaded.) The kids were so excited to share the article in the paper with their teachers and friends at school. It was a good day.