Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Etsy Greats

Today... a couple of Etsy finds that just must be shared.

Printable Lil Monster Valentines by Stephanie Fizer. She has one of my favorite shops and yesterday Lily was home sick so we ordered a set of these adorable valentines for just $5 and within minutes, a PDF file arrived in my inbox and we were able to print off our own valentines. Can anything get better than that? Adorable, easy, handmade, without leaving home. Perfection.

This Lemon Grass Cocoon is quite possibly the most delicious baby item I have ever seen. This particular item is sold out, but she has more cocoons available in different colors. I absolutely love them, and I know a few new and soon to be mothers who would appreciate one... check them out here, great work SimplyBasicDesigns.

I love Etsy!