Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Really great new music.
It's new to me, anyways.

I'm loving these albums...

A brand new discovery for me. I love his voice and his soulful styling. He reminds me very much of Jason Mraz, which is a great thing, and I think you'll like him too. My favorite tracks from his album "Holly" are: Golden Train (so beautiful) and After Tonight. Listen to Justin Nozuka here. (You'll notice that he is currently on tour with Missy Higgins and Lenka...now that would be an awesome show!)

This album is so interesting. Not at all like anything else I own... it makes me feel like I should be on a sunny beach, sipping coconut milk and watching my children splash in the ocean...and I love it. A lot. Listen here. Especially Brand New Start.

I mentioned Joey Ryan last week because I loved his song from the movie Bella, but I downloaded his newest album and I love it too. It's the kind of beautiful, mellow, folk-y type music that I'm into. And isn't his album artwork so cool? Listen to him here.