Tuesday, January 6, 2009


(The new January 09 CD cover)

These giveaways are so much fun for me. I love to read your comments and I love the de-lurkers, and I love it when you share a memory with me. The last commenter was Meghan and she shared a specific memory with me which I loved and so I decided from now on Tuesday will be music memory day. Many of my favorite life moments involve music... from my childhood, to my teenage years, to my courtship with Brandon, to raising my children...so many songs pinpoint an exact moment or feeling. I want to document those and share them with you, and in return each Tuesday I will ask you to share a music memory with me, either in the comments or on your own blog... your choice.

So on to the winners. Plural. I just can't stand for only one person to win. So random.org chose comment #24 which was Kelly. Now, I don't personally know Kelly, but I do know that she is the PRP's dear friend, so congrats Kelly, you win an entire set of my playlists from last year. Which is a ton of my favorite music, 167 songs and 9.8 hours of music. Congrats Kelly!

I chose the second winner. She's my cousin and she lives in Spokane where they have been gifted over 6 feet of snow. I really love snow, a lot, but I've never been in a situation like that, and I imagine that if I were, I would need a ton of great music to get me through those long weeks stuck in the house. So Heidi, you've won a set of 2008 mixes as well. Congrats!

But, this giveaway was so much fun for me that I want you all to feel like winners. So, each commenter should e-mail me their address and I will ship them a little somethin' somethin' (perhaps my new January playlist??). Please e-mail me your address even if you know that I already have it...I tend to misplace addresses. (my email is lomaril AT aol DOT com.)

Later today, I will share my first Music Memory post. Stay tuned and start remembering your music memories too.